Gap Year Part 2: Pandemic Time

The second part of Gap Year, a three-part illustrated novella that ties into the¬†Outliers and Outsiders¬†series of games, is out now- just in time for Christmas! This part, title Pandemic Time, continues the same arcs while focusing in a bit on Gina’s relationship with Sakura and introducing something vague, foreboding, and totally not the beginning of a myth arc.

This one has been slow going, with some ninety-ten rule kicking in at the end, but overall went smoother than the first part. I didn’t wait until the end to do all the drawings at once this time, instead mixing it in with the writing process, which was a much smarter choice. If I didn’t feel like drawing, I could write, and vice versa, and on top of that I didn’t “finish” and then realize I still had a ton of work left to do. I was kind of hoping to have all three parts done this year, but I don’t think that was ever realistic. I’m now aiming to have the third and final part released in the first half of 2024.