Back to the blogosphere?!

Welcome to my blog. Wait, what? Why am I launching a blog in 2022, and what’s even going to be on it?

For the most part, this blog is a replacement for my Twitter account, with the same type of content. The plan was to gradually supplant and at some point fully replace Twitter, with content being all crossposted at first but slowly shifting toward it only being posted here, but I’m no longer sure about that plan and might move over here much faster.

I’ll probably do a post explaining why I wanted to leave Twitter, but the long and short of it is that I have serious doubts about Twitter the company and the service, and how much longer it’ll even be around.

Why a blog? Again, I’ll probably do a post on it. I don’t think I have a single very strong reason, but I liked the idea of a private little corner of the internet and I do like the kind of oldschool approach. It’s also one I’m familiar with, and I’ve felt like I had to push the timeline forward a lot on moving away from Twitter.

On that note, one of the big upshots of a blog like this versus a microblogging service like Twitter is that I can do those long form posts if I feel like doing them. I consider this a pretty short post, but it’s still well over the Twitter limit.

That being said, I’ll probably stick to mostly very short, microblog-style posts, especially in the beginning. Big announcements and status updates will continue to be posted to the main XCVG Systems site. I’m not sure about things like extended devlogs and project postmortems.

This isn’t a personal blog, but it’s not strictly a professional blog, either. It’s going to be very much the same sort of stuff as my Twitter account: updates on various projects, random thoughts, and announcements, for the most part related to game dev, technology, and art. I’ll continue to avoid posting about my personal life, current events, or off-topic tangents.

Another way of putting it is that this, like XCVG Systems, is my studio, although this blog will be a little more informal than the main site.

I want dialogue to be possible, so I do intend to enable comments at some point, but the last time I did this I was absolutely inundated with spam, and I need to find a solution for that before I’m willing to try again. In the mean time, you can still try to reach me on Twitter, or check out my Discord server (which is also a bit of a work in progress).

I have a pretty good idea of what I want this blog to be, but it’s still very much a work in progress. I’m still playing with themes and plugins, still rearranging the basic bits of the site, and still making some decisions on design. Please bear with me while I get things figured out.

That being said, this is the place that content will be. So, welcome to my blog. Welcome back to the blogosphere.